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VIOTEK 5-Level Cooling Office/Car Seat Cover: AC/Car Adapter & Remote


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  • BUILT-IN FAN – For convenient cooling on humid days, the cooling cushion features a remote & built-in fan with 5 fan speeds
  • MOISTURE-WICKING TECHNOLOGY – Sweat, heat & moisture are pulled away from your body to keep you dry & cool even in the summer
  • FOR YOUR CAR OR OFFICE – You’ll have your own portable and personal climate control, so never again sweat out the heat!
  • SUPERIOR AIR CIRCULATION– The Cooling Seat Cushion is made with high-quality breathable mesh for optimized cooling & airflow
  • EASY INSTALL – Use the straps and buckles to secure the cooling cushion to your car seat or office chair within minutes

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Out of stock

VIOTEK Cooling Seat Cushion: Sit on the Lap of Cooling Luxury

Say goodbye to stifling hot days with VIOTEK’s Cooling Seat Cushion for your car or office. Unlike the previous model, the cooling seat cushion features a built-in fan unit for increased convenience. Make deliveries around the city or set goals in the company meeting room. With the Cooling Seat Cushion’s intelligent temperature regulation and moisture-wicking technology, you’ll discover and enjoy personal climate control no matter where you are. For deluxe cooling that is both comfortable and ultra-durable, the Cooling Seat Cushion boasts breathable mesh and insulation that boost airflow, minimize fan noise, and optimize cooling. Whether you’re running errands on humid afternoons or concentrating in your office, you’ll have a personal wonderland in the palm of your hands. Let VIOTEK’s Cooling Seat Cushion show you what true comfort really is.

Installs in Minutes
The Cooling Seat Cushion easily installs in your car or office for the instant cooling solution that combats summer heat and humidity. It securely attaches to your car seat or office chair using the built-in buckles, hooks, and stoppers. Fidget and move freely and it will never fall off!

  1. Slip the securing band around the seat.
  2. Secure and fasten the three main buckles around the seat. If there is a headrest, fasten the topmost buckle around it.
  3. Insert the stoppers in the gap between the two seat sections.
  4. Make sure the front of the cushion is neatly over the seat. Grab the twin hooks and secure them to the undercarriage of the seat.
  5. For cars, connect the power cord to the seat cushion and car adapter. For office chairs, use a power bank or wall adapter.

*Power bank not included.

5-Level Remote Cooling

Adjust fan speed via the remote and find your perfect temperature every time! With 5 different cooling levels, you’ll feel comfortable even on humid summer mornings or dry August evenings.

Moisture-Wicking Technology
With moisture-wicking technology, the Cooling Seat Cushion draws sweat and moisture away from the body for accelerated evaporation, improved heat dissipation, and better cooling.

Energy Efficient
The Cooling Seat Cushion is good for the planet and helps minimize energy waste by using the minimal amount of energy needed to regulate temperature and reach the proper level of cool.

Plug in for Cool Anywhere
Take the Cooling Seat Cushion on the go using the included power cord and car adapter. If you spend your days toiling away at your office, the Cooling Seat Cushion can also be paired with the accompanying AC adapter.

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