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VIOTEK Aqua USB-C Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Listen to purely digital sound using VIOTEK Aqua USB-C in ear headphones with an extended 47-inch cable

  • POWERFUL VOLUME – With Aqua earbud’s 100 dB sensitivity, you’ll reach the perfect volume for blasting songs and rocking out
  • PURELY DIGITAL SOUND – Upconvert analog files via 24 bit/96 kHz lossless digital transmission for digital audio as clear as live music
  • USB-C COMPATIBLE – Pair with most androids and PCs for flawless audio transfers
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP – Aqua is created with hypoallergenic ceramic and OFC+TPE for chatter, static, and interference free audio
  • GORGEOUS CABLE DESIGN – Use the 47-inch cable with unique helical details for easy access to your music



Product Description

VIOTEK Aqua delivers a rock and roll paradise with an impressive sound quality comparable to live music.

With the 100 dB sensitivity and dynamic 8 mm driver, crank up the volume for a full range of sound that will transport you to your favorite concert.

Pair the TYPE-C USB with most androids and PCs for 24 bit/96 kHz lossless transmission that provides uncompressed and purely digital audio. You will no longer lose audio quality during transfers, so you can listen to your music the way they were originally recorded. From note transitions to the background bass, you’ll have no problem hearing fine sound subtleties that add character to each song. It will be like listening to your favorite songs for the first time!

The noise cancelling Aqua Earphone is crafted with premium materials for gorgeously clean and crisp performance. A hypoallergenic ceramic earphone helps block outside chatter and an oxygen-free copper+TPE cable reduces static and interference.

For convenient and best music on the go, the in ear Aqua headphones boasts an extended 47-inch cable with beautifully designed helical details.

Listen to jaw-dropping clarity and digital music with VIOTEK Aqua USB-C Earphones.

User Manual

User Manual

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