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Viotek V3 Cooling Cushion Gamer Style


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Stay cool under pressure with the Viotek V3 cooling seat.

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Get your game on with the Viotek V3 Cooling Seat.

Whether you’re taking enemy fire, exploring new worlds, or jumping to finish a level in a platformer, the Viotek V3’s superior air circulation will help keep you cool. The V3 is constructed using 5 layers of premium materials, and features top-of-the-line, breathable mesh to allow sweat to easily evaporate from your body.

Ultra-powerful integrated fans provide a level of cooling that you can’t find anywhere else. So when you’re feeling the heat from your battles, you can count on the V3 to help you stay cool under fire. This cooling seat uses state-of-the-art wicking technology to pull sweat, heat, and moisture away from your body to accelerate evaporation and enhance cooling.

The Viotek V3 comes with an easily accessible remote that allows you to cycle between 5 cooling levels so you can choose your level of comfort.

This ultra-portable cooling chair folds down to a thickness of 1.5 inches so that you can take it just about anywhere. The V3 can be powered using a wall outlet, car adapter, or power bank; so whether you’re in your car, a tournament, or a home gaming set up, you can always stay cool.

We know that gaming can get intense sometimes. That’s why, once you finish setting up your Viotek V3, this cooling cushion stays firmly in place. The V3 uses a combination of hooks, stoppers, and buckles to ensure that it stays in place and will never fall off, so you can keep winning all night long.

5 Different Layers

The Viotek V3 uses 5 layers of premium materials that are both lightweight and durable.

 Integrated Fans

The V3 uses ultra-powerful integrated fans embedded inside the cushion to provide you a level of cooling like you’ve never experienced before.

Moisture Wicking Technology

The Viotek V3 uses wicking to help keep sweat, heat, and moisture away from your body to enhance cooling.


The cooling cushion is 1.5 inches thick when folded down so that you can take it just about anywhere.

Multiple Power Options

The V3 comes with multiple power options so you can power it using a wall outlet, car adapter, or a power bank.

Stays in Place  

Once you set your cushion, it stays in place via hooks, stoppers and buckles.

User Manual

Gaming Seat Cushion Cooling - Viotek Office And Car Cushion

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