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VIOTEK 5-Level Cooling Office/Car Seat Cover: AC/Car Adapter & Remote


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Moisture-Wicking & Newly Designed Breathable Mesh
 BUILT-IN COOLING FAN – For convenient air circulation on hot days, this cooling seat cover is equipped with a built-in fan with 5 dynamic speeds
● MOISTURE-WICKING DESIGN – Sweat & body heat are drawn away from your back, thighs, and legs to keep you dry & comfortable
● IDEAL FOR CAR OR OFFICE USE – Bring portable and personal climate control anywhere and make any environment the perfect temperature
● CUTTING-EDGE AIRFLOW – The Cooling Seat Cushion is designed with superior quality breathable material for optimal cooling & airflow
● HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION – Use the straps and buckles to secure the cooling cushion to your car seat or office chair within minutes

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Bring the relief of personal climate control with you, wherever you go with VIOTEK’s Car Seat Cooler Pad. A perfectly tailored cooling airflow for your car or office, this seat acts as a buffer between your back and the seat, absorbing body heat for a rapid cooling effect. UPdated with a built-in electric fan, this seat features 5 carrying speed that can be adjusted via a wireless remote and feel blasts of air circulate throughout the fabric.

Your cooling seat is designed with dynamic moisture-wicking technology to draw sweat, heat, and moisture away from your body. The car seat cover is crafted with a material that is equally as durable as it is breathable – making it both comfortable and ideal for long-term use.

The top-of-the-line mesh will help decrease your body temperature and eliminate perspiration while layers of insulation muffle the fan noise. Use your seat’s fan with ease of mind, as the Cooler Pad’s environmentally-friendly technology allows it to regulate temperature with minimal energy!
Viotek’s seat cover’s powerful, automatic temperature regulation delivers personal climate control at the press of a button.The car seat cooling pad is designed with reliable twin-hooks, 4 adjustable buckles and band, so you are able to customize and fasten your cover to your car seat or office chair for no-hassle installation. Feel free to get comfy, fidget, or nestle around until you find that spot that is *just right* – your seat cover will never fall off!
Whether you’re trying to focus during a humid day in your office, or cruising up the highway on a summer road trip, you’ll have a personal climate control in the palm of your hands. Let VIOTEK’s Cooling Seat Cushion help you take tailor-fitting airflow wherever you need it.
*For wireless use, VIOTEK power banks can be purchased separately.

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