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Viotek 8.5 E-Writer


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Say goodbye to wasteful pen and paper and hello to the next evolution in writing.

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Get ready for the write of your life with the Viotek 8.5 inch E-Writer Tablet. The E-Writer Tablet is great for students, parents and anyone else who’s tired of wasting paper and chasing down missing pens. Featuring a gorgeous 8.5” x 5.75” screen, this writing tablet has everything you need to replace pen and paper. Use the included stylus to write down notes, draw doodles, or write memos. With the Viotek E-Writer, the latest in e-writing technology meets the high quality products you’ve come to know and love from VIOTEK®. This Viotek LCD writing board is great for parents who need it to write down shopping memos, lists, or general reminders; and PERFECT for students who can use it as scratch paper for math or physics problems. Whereas doing math homework used to mean wasting reams of scratch paper, now all you need is a single Viotek E-Writer. For those who are hearing impaired/mute, the Viotek electronic notepad also serves as a great way to communicate. Rather than using a whiteboard and toxic markers, those who are differently abled can use the digital drawing pad to communicate with those around them. So use it for homework, communicating, memos and more! With the Viotek E-Writer board, writing doesn’t get any easier than this.

4 Magnets and Stylus

Get drawn into the awesome power of the Viotek E-Writer’s magnets! The E-Writer magnetic drawing board comes with 4 magnets which attach to everything from file cabinets to refrigerators to shopping carts! The E-Writer digital notepad also comes with a stylus and stylus holder for easy writing. Unlike other writing tablets with easy to misplace styluses, once you’re done writing, simply place your stylus back in the holder.

Viotek Eye Guard Protection

Viotek’s state of the art Eye Guard technology ensures that your eyes are always protected. Whether you’re using your writing tablet indoors or out, the E-Writer drawing board comes with antiglare coating so you never have to squint to see what’s being written. This writing tablet also comes with a 90°+ viewing angle so that you can see it from just about anywhere. And whereas light from electronic devices such as tablets can hurt your eyes, the E-Writer electronic writing tablet uses a special unlit background to prevent eye fatigue.

Compact and Lightweight

The Viotek E-Writer is ultra-compact and lightweight. Measuring 8.5 x 5.75 inches, this doodle pad weighs a paltry 3.84 oz. (less than a smartphone). Its ultra-light weight and tiny size allow you to take it with you in your purse, briefcase, backpack and more!

100,000 Uses

The E-Writer note taking tablet is designed with a proprietary system that uses no battery when you write. The only time the battery is activated is when you press the erase button. The E-Writer operates on a single 3V CR2016 battery, and can be used more than 100,000 times before you have to swap it out

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Viotek 8.5 E-Writer