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Viotek 8.5 E-Writer


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Say goodbye to wasteful pen and paper and hello to the next evolution in writing.

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Tired of wasting paper but need to write here, right now?
The Viotek E-Writer is an 8.5-inch digital LCD writing tablet that let’s you write, draw or work almost anywhere. This ewriter tablet uses a stylus and pressure-sensitive antiglare writing surface for a paper-like feel.
And it’s eco-friendly.
Need to work through math problems that would normally take a forest of scratch paper? Want to jot down notes or reminders on the go? Like to doodle and bring your imagination to life? With 8.5 x 5.75 inches of writing surface, the Viotek note taking tablet gives you the space you need. Once you’re done, press the erase button to wipe the slate clean.
The E-Writer digital notepad is as portable as paper. At 3.84 ounces, it weighs less than a smartphone and fits easily in a backpack, laptop case, purse or briefcase. The Viotek E-Writer note taking tablet also comes with four magnets so you can place it on file cabinets, fridges and even shopping carts.
Most backlit tablets cast a harsh, blue light. The Viotek E-Writer doodle pad uses an unlit background to prevent eye fatigue. And by using green “ink” on a black background for contrast, the screen is visible from angles greater than 90 degrees. The design reduces eye strain and improves readability in all lighting conditions, even direct sunlight.
The Viotek E-Writer drawing board utilizes a long-lasting 3V CR2016 battery, good for more than 100,000 uses.
Waste less. Write more.

8.5″ Writing Surface
Provides a pressure sensitive, 8.5-inch surface for writing and offers a traditional, paper-like experience.

Lightweight and Compact
Take this note taking tablet with you wherever you go! This spectacularly compact tablet measures in at 8.5 x 5.75 inches and weighs in at 3.84 Oz.

Viotek Eye-Guard
The Viotek Eye-Guard technology which helps prevent eye strain, allowing you to see the writing from an angle of more than 90 degrees, while its antiglare coating allows you to view the E-Writer even in direct sunlight.

Included Stylus w/ Holder
The Viotek E-Writer writing tablet includes a built-in holder and stylus. The stylus can be used to quickly jot down notes, keep memos, work on problems, and more!

Erase Button
Clear out your screen with the erase button when you’re done and start over with a fresh clean slate.

Green Markings
Beautiful bright green markings stand out against a black background.

Battery Included
Use the Viotek LCD writing tablet more than 100,000 times on a single 3V CR2016 lithium battery (included).

Perfect for Students
Work on physics problems, math problems or just doodle without having to waste scratch paper.

Great for Disabilities
For those who are hard of hearing/have speech impediments, the Viotek E-Writer can serve as the perfect communication tool.

Keep Memos Anywhere              
Great as a calendar, to do list, and memo reminder. Unlike dry erase boards, you necer naccessories needed for use and no mess or stains to clean up.

4 Magnets
The Viotek E-Writer drawing board comes with 4 round magnets on the back and attaches to multiple surfaces including your fridge, locker, file cabinet, and other metal surfaces (Hint: It’s great for shopping carts).

User Manual

Viotek 8.5 E-Writer

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