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Curved Monitor: VIOTEK GN27C 27” 144Hz 1080P Gaming Monitor


  • 1920x1080p, NTSC 85%, 144hz – The Viotek GN27C removes motion blur and lag for crystal clear resolution and optimal gaming experience.
  • DUAL LINK COMPATIBILITY – Connect the PC monitor to DV1, HDMI, and DP1 options.
  • 16:9, 20,000,000:1 DYNAMIC CONTRAST – Create a cinematographic experience with standard widescreen format viewing & dynamic contrast.
  • FREESYNC & FPS/RTS TECHNOLOGY – Optimized refresh rates are ideal for FPS & RTS games.
  • LOW BLUE LIGHT – Keep eyes energized for long periods of game play with reduced blue light frequency.


Product Description

The Viotek GN27C takes computer gaming to the next level. The curved gaming monitor was designed with you in mind and combines classic black and red colors for sleek aesthetic.

At 27 inches with a curve radius of 1800 mm, the GN27C immerses you in different worlds with beautiful, crystal-clear resolution. Experience your new games with compatibility with a variety of connection types: Dual Link DVI, HDMI, and DP.

Viotek captures all the colors that other monitors miss with an 85% NTSC rating. Colors are so vivid using the 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and characters almost jump out of the screen.  Refresh rates at 144hz deliver amazing picture quality that continues to keep you submerged in your virtual world without any lag or delay.

AMD FreeSync™ is a built-in feature that keeps every frame clear and tear-free with a dynamic refresh rate that automatically adjusts to keep games as smooth as the creators’ intended.

Viotek GN27C is built with a default 16:9 widescreen format so that movies and other video content boasts a truly cinematic feel.

Blue light can strain eyes, and give your game play an expiration date. The GN27C features a built-in low blue light frequency so that your favorite first person shooter game lasts for hours.

The GN27C might be the best gaming monitor yet, so level up today and upgrade your gaming experience.

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