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LinQ Touch 16-inch Portable Touchscreen Monitor with FreeSync & Built-in Speakers (Model: P16CT)


Extend your screen. Expand your world. Inspired by the ever-growing way we work, play and travel. The Viotek LinQ Touch portable monitor offers the flexibility, features and connectivity options you need to stay productive and keep ahead of the curve. Easy to use. Lightweight. Travel-ready. Beautifully crafted from premium metal and glass with eye-catching attention to detail. Imagine the power of a 1080p monitor, built by the leading name in value-rich, performance-packed monitors, that can fit in a backpack or carry-on with room to spare. With the LinQ Touch, you don’t need to imagine it — because we built it.

  • Extend, Expand & Enhance – Experience the heightened productivity that can only come from a second touchscreen monitor*. More space to work. More space to play.
  • Stunning Image Quality – This A-grade IPS panel delivers 1920x1080p widescreen resolution with a flicker-free 60Hz refresh rate. Great for watching movies or dual-monitor presentations.
  • Portability Meets Productivity  –Sleek, lightweight design. Ultra-slim profile. The LinQ Touch weighs just 1.7 pounds (0.77 kg) and is less than half-an-inch thick, making it the perfect wingman when you’re on the go.
  • Extensive Compatibility Support –  Laptops to desktops. PS4 to Nintendo® Switch. Smartphones to tablets — even Apple® MacBook and MacBook Pro*!
  • Have Game, Will Travel – Experience buttery smooth gaming, thanks to AMD® FreeSync™ technology. This secondary display transforms the perfect portable gaming monitor for PS4, Nintendo® Switch or Xbox® One.
  • Special Considerations – Connected device MUST support DP ALT_MODE for touchscreen functions. DP ALT_MODE is also required to use a single USB-C cable for power/data (touchscreen). HDMI connections require USB-C external power source. Mac OS does not support touchscreen function.
  • Gold Standard Service – Every Viotek external monitor is backed by a world-class support team, fully staffed in the U.S. and available via live-chat, email and phone. New portable touchscreen monitors enjoy our 3-Year Limited Warranty and best-in-market Pixel Perfect Promise.


P16CT Portable Touchscreen Monitor with Pixel Perfect Promise by Viotek

A Design That Shines

The LinQ Touch is beautifully crafted with an eye-catching attention to detail. Thanks to its all metal and glass design, it looks, feels and functions like a premium device. The luxury flip cover not only protects the full-HD panel from dust and scratches, it doubles as a flip stand. So you can enjoy your movies, shows and games with a 1920x1080p resolution from virtually any angle.

Space To Do More

Enjoy massive productivity gains without adding a lot of bulk. Thanks to its wide compatibility, the LinQ Touch can connect to a bevy of devices. PC desktops, laptops, Surface books, Chromebooks, game consoles, digital cameras — even smartphones and the Apple® MacBook and MacBook Pro*. Just connect it with USB-C or HDMI when you’re ready to double your productivity and have an extra type-c touch display wherever you go. And all with a stunning, low-profile, compact design.

LinQ HDMI Ready Portable Monitor by Viotek

LinQ 16 inch portable monitor with dynamic use for photographers, gamers, developers, travelers, and more.

Travel-Ready Portable USB-C Monitor

With the LinQ Touch, traveling goes from tedious to terrific. Toss it in your carry-on or backpack and take it with you on long flights or road trips. Connect your smartphone via USB-C port and watch movies in full HD on a beautiful IPS display with superb color reproduction. Use the protective cover as a multi-angle stand. Plug in your favorite pair of headphones to the 3.5mm audio jack for perfect privacy. Need a second display with interactivity? Connect to your laptop’s USB-C port whenever you need a fully responsive presentation screen*.

LinQ Portable Monitor with AMD with FreeSync

Robust Connectivity Options

And you’re not limited to just USB-C-ready devices. With its mini-HDMI port, the LinQ Touch works effortlessly with most modern devices, including digital cameras. Photographers can use it as an external viewfinder to help compose the perfect shot. (NOTE: When connecting via HDMI, you must connect the LinQ Touch to an external power source through USB-C.)

LinQ Portable Monitor ideal for gaming, work, and fun.

Have Game, Will Travel

Hit the road and take your games with you. The LinQ is about more than work. Completely gamer-ready, our portable usb-c monitor is compatible right out of the box with a wide list of gaming consoles, from Nintendo® Switch to the PS4. Like to play games on your smartphone but still want a larger display? Connect your smartphone via USB-C and enjoy the larger screen real estate, AMD® FreeSync and high-capacitive touch functionality. Your games will run smoothly with less image distortion and jitter.

LinQ portable monitor by Viotek with 1080P Full HD and Touchscreen capabilities

‘Goodbye’ To Limitations

Being limited to a single screen when traveling can be frustrating, especially if you’re used to a multi-screen setup. One cable is all it takes to get a second touchscreen monitor with a wide array of compatible devices*. That’s why we designed the LinQ Touch to be easy to use, travel-light when you’re on the go and ready to use with an ever-growing list of compatible devices. Looking for the best way to get a second screen for a laptop, desktop, smartphone or gaming console? Look no further. The LinQ Touch delivers on all its promises: flexibility, functionality, portability, performance and value.

*IMPORTANT SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: In order to use touchscreen functions or single-cable power-data use, connected device must support DisplayPort over Alternative Mode (DP ALT_MODE). Check with your device manufacturer to determine compatibility.Most newer phones, from Samsung’s Galaxy and Note series to the Honor/Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro line, are compatible.Mac OS supports DP ALT_MODE; however, Mac OS DOES NOT support touchscreen functionality. As a result, touchscreen functionality WILL NOT work on Mac OS devices. This is a restriction only Apple® can correct in future OS updates.

Most newer phones, from Samsung’s Galaxy and Note series to the Honor/Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro line, are compatible.

Mac OS supports DP ALT_MODE; however, Mac OS DOES NOT support touchscreen functionality. As a result, touchscreen functionality WILL NOT work on Mac OS devices. This is a restriction only Apple® can correct in future OS updates.


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