Viotek Teams Up with #DisabledVeteranBuild

Photo of the GN27CB monitor on a desk next to a custom-built PC tower.

Travis Peacock is a disabled Iraq War veteran on a mission to use his time, energy and passion to actively make something positive happen in someone else’s life. Travis is a custom PC builder based in Fargo, North Dakota where he spends his time building custom systems for other disabled veterans free of charge. We were happy to donate some VIOTEK GN27CB curved gaming monitors to assist him on his journey to help others. And we absolutely love what he’s been able to accomplish.


Travis’ first #DisabledVeteranBuild project started as an effort to help out one of his unit members disabled from her time in Iraq. A mother of four on a fixed income, she struggled to adjust to civilian life and her disability. She desperately needed an outlet.  So Travis set out to build her a computer and #DisabledVeteranBuild was born.

His passion for engineering and gaming started when he was serving as a boiler technician in the Navy for his first three and a half years on a steam ship. He’s left military life behind, but Travis continues to integrate the lessons he learned from his time in the service into every aspect of his life, from building custom PC systems to raising his children.

Travis’ favorite build so far is the incredible Halo-themed machine he recently finished. It was an ambitious project that pushed the limits of everything he’d ever done with a build and more. Roadblock after roadblock set Travis back many times. But that military-honed perseverance paid off. Eventually, his hard work led to a level of success even he wasn’t prepared for. This is one of the builds that includes a VIOTEK monitor.

Travis also installed a custom loop, liquid cooling system, sponsored by Alphacool and ModMyMods that glows blue to match the HALO theme. The PC machine itself? Ambi CPU. Hyperx 64GB DDR4 RAM. Sapphire Technology dual graphics cards. All surrounded by tempered glass, so every detail is fully displayed in all its glory.

GN27CB monitor sitting next to a custom-built PC tower


And to round out this impressive set up? A fully adjustable, ergonomic Arozzi Vernazza Chair and Arena Desk set, along with a COUGAR Attila in-ear gaming headset.

What started as a means to help out one sister-in-arms has grown into a true passion-project with multiple team members. Travis recently filed for official Non-Profit status and hopes to expand his operations to 5-10 builds per month. Next, he’ll try to obtain a dedicated location to be the shop for the foundation. Eventually, the goal is to bring on other disabled veterans to assist in the building process.

Closeup of PC tower HALO-style internal cooler.


This is like a gift that keeps on giving. The very thing that fired up Travis’ giving nature will be a guiding light that keeps other vets inspired to give back. We are proud to contribute to Travis’ efforts by donating equipment and sharing his story.

Keep building, Travis.


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