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Beauty of Edgeless Monitors


If you’ve been searching for a new pc monitor, undoubtedly you’ve seen those words pop up. They are all the new hot buzzwords with desktop monitors — thanks in no small part to the bezel-free smartphone market. You’ve likely read articles and product descriptions with those terms.

And you’ve probably actively used these terms when searching on Amazon or Google:

frameless 27-inch monitor”
bezelless gaming monitor”
curved gaming monitor frameless.”

And it’s no wonder!

The technology behind producing monitors has advanced a lot over the years. In fact, it’s changed so much that consumers now focus less on a monitor’s specs and more on its design and appearance. Besides color and material, consumers also think about how light a monitor is — and how thin its bezels are!

Because of this, monitors released recently have been produced with thinner bodies and smaller bezels.

Truly Edgeless Design

Here’s a concept render of a bezel-free monitor.

A render of an edgeless display monitor.

Certainly, it’s beautiful.

The problem?

It doesn’t exist.

Rest assured, when you hear those buzzwords — edgeless, frameless, bezel less, zero bezel, slim bezel, etc. — they are pretty much the same thing. But despite the demand, it’s nearly impossible to make a truly edgeless monitor, TV, or smartphone with today’s technology. Yes, there are ways around the design limitations — sure! But the dream of a true screen display that goes edge-to-edge is still some time away from reality.

For the time being, consider edgeless monitors as any monitor with super tiny bezels, such as our Viotek GN32Q 32-inch curved monitor. GN32Q monitors are gorgeous to look at. And they’re great when placed side-by-side in a multiply monitor setup.

Gn32Q Edgless

Need more proof that our edgeless monitors rock?

Here are some cool setups gathered from our customers on reddit, YouTube, and massdrop:

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